Photographs of Rochester and the Finger Lakes by Mary E. Shelsby

Mary Shelsby

Mary Shelsby is an award winning residential Realtor® with RE/MAX Realty Group of Rochester, NY. She lives with her husband, Jim Ryan, on Highland Avenue, just a few doors down from Highland Park. When she’s not listing and showing property, she is busy photographing the sights around Rochester and the Finger Lakes.

I hope you enjoy the photos and invite you leave comments and let me know what your favorites are.

Summer in Rochester , the Finger Lakes and a few travel shots.

  • Nathaniel Square

    A neighborhood park in the South Wedge, Nathaniel Square features a statue of Nathaniel Rochester, who purchased a 100 acre tract of land along the Genesee River in 1803.

  • Scottsville Sunrise

    The sun broke over the hill as sheep fed in the field.

  • With the renewal and development at the Corn Hill waterfront, there are great options for waterfront dining.

  • Forest Floor

    A beautiful walking trail through Stony Brook State Park.

  • Two hikers walk along the gorge at Stony Brook State Park.

  • Picnic at Sunset

    A sunset at Mendon Ponds Park

  • Keuka Lake at night, take from East Lake Road in Penn Yan.

  • Vital Park on the northern shore of Conesus Lake.

  • Cloudy Day

    A calm Conesus mirrors the light fluffy clouds.

  • Finger Lake Lavender Farm

  • Central Library

    Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County, located at 115 South Avenue.

  • Rochester Landmarks

    A skyline view of many landmarks of Rochester, NY.

  • It's not always about the barn. Sometimes it's about the spot. This is a lovely barn. I have shot it several times and it looks so different from every angle. But I also love the rolling farm fields that surround this barn, so typical of the Finger Lakes region. This barn is located on Groveland Road in Geneseo.

  • Clear waters of Hemlock Lake, which is a public water supply for the city of Rochester.

  • Summer time on Conesus Lakes

  • Fly Fisher

    A fly fisherman silhouetted again the sunset at Webster Park.

  • All is Calm

    Some days Lake Ontario resembles a fresh-water ocean with huge waves. Most days there are some waves. And every once in a while we are treated with a perfect calm over the lake. These are my favorite days to visit and photograph Lake Ontario.

  • Remembering and Honoring our Vets

    Rochester's Vietnam Memorial at Highland Park.

  • A River Runs Through it

    The Genesee River dissects the city of Rochester. This view of the Court Street bridge highlights the Central Library, the 3 tallest buildings in Rochester - Xerox Tower, Bausch & Lomb Place and the Chase Tower, and the old Lehigh Valley Train Station that now houses Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

  • Tall Ships

    The tall ships parked at the Port of Rochester.

  • Neighborhood of the Arts

    At the corner of University Ave and Portmouth Terr, in the heart of the the Neighborhood of the Arts.

  • Sunken Garden

    Warner Castle, also known as Rochester Civic Garden Center, has a beautiful Victorian sunken garden that backs up to Highland Park. Located at the corner of Mt. Hope Ave. and Reservoir Ave, the castle is one of Rochester's best kept secrets.

  • Formed by glaciers a couple of million years ago, the Finger Lakes are long deep trenches, ranging in length from 3 miles to 40 miles long. Hemlock lake is considered a minor lake and is completely undeveloped along the shore line.

  • Summer time at Rochester's High Falls.

  • According to Wikipedia, the English name "Geneseo" is an anglicization of the Iroquois name for the earlier Iroquois town there, Gen-nis-he-yo which means "beautiful valley". This old barn on a seldom used dirt road has a great view of the 'beautiful valley.'

  • Rochester Reflections

    The calm Genesee River reflects the Rochester skyline in the early morning.

  • Corn Hill Street

    Corn Hill is Rochester's oldest residential neighborhood and is a showplace of beautiful historic architecture.

  • Charlotte Lighthouse

    The Charlotte Lighthouse sits on the Genesee River, just south of Lake Ontario.

  • Court Yard

    A beautiful court yard in Rochester's East End Neighborhoods.

  • Public Market

    Awaiting the crowds at Rochester's Public Market