Photographs of Rochester and the Finger Lakes by Mary E. Shelsby
  • Vik, Iceland

    Vik is located on the south shore of Iceland and is the warmest area of the island. The summer high averages around 55 degrees while the winter high averages about 39 degrees. The population is less than 300 but the nearest town is 43 miles away, making it a very important service area.

  • The Reyniskirkja Church

    The Reyniskirkja Church, located in Vik, Iceland is not only adorable but it has an incredible view. It is the highest point in Vik. In fact, the locals fear a volcanic eruption that might melt nearby glaciers and cause a flash flood and so they practice emergency drills to evacuate to the church.

  • His & Hirs

    Perhaps it's my love of seafood that has inspired my love of workboats. This was taken a few years ago at Charleston, SC.

  • Rochester at Dusk

    The sun had just set over Rochester, NY.

  • Bird's Eye View of Warner Castle

    Rochester's Warner Castle from the sky.

  • Winter Glaze

    Winter came in like a lion this year, with below freezing temps throughout the first 2 weeks. And while it was harsh, it left the landscape beautiful.

  • Lacy Trees

    It's been a while since I've taken the time to drive around aimlessly. Don't think I could find this spot again as I have no clue what road I was on. But today's drive did confirm that we have gorgeous country roads just 30 minutes or so from downtown.

  • One Lonely Boat

    Beautiful sunrise over the marsh on Quinby Bridge Road on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

  • Out to Sea

    A fisherman leaves the dock at Wachapreaque, Virginia. a small fishing community on the Delmarva Peninsula.

  • Falling Leaves and Snow

    Leaves were falling from the Katsura tree faster than the snow during an early November snowstorm at Rochester's Highland Park.

  • Badlands Trails

    Walking the trails at Badlands National Park.

  • Grand View of the Badlands

    Standing at any overlook at Badlands National Park, it is difficult to decide where to point the camera as the vistas are so vast. This is four images stitched together.

  • Mt Rushmore

    Mt Rushmore was not on my bucket list, but I'm sure glad I got to see it in person. It's hard to imagine that someone could have not only the vision to imagine presidential faces carved into a mountain but then the skill set to make it happen. Very impressive in person.

  • Dessert Sunset

    A beautiful sunset in the dessert in St. George, Utah.

  • Rocks

    Beautiful rock formations at St. George Utah.

  • St George Sunset

    The sun had just fallen behind the moutains in St. George, Utah.

  • Kelso Post Office

    Kelso is a ghost town and defunct railroad depot in the Mojave National Preserve in San Bernardino County, California, USA

  • Just Another Vista

    During the spring of 2017, we packed up in a van and drove from San Diego to Rochester, NY. We saw a lot of vistas like this in the southwest. While some of these roads were daunting in a van, it was hard to imagine what they would be like in a wagon trail with no roads just 200 or so years ago.

  • Flooded Beach

    Ontario Beach Park after record high lake levels which delayed the season opening.

  • Flint Creek Church of God

    I love the kind of day when I can just pick a country road and drive down it 'cause it looks interesting. I had never bumped into Stanley, NY before but I'm glad I did.

  • Morning in the Pines

    After shooting a sunrise along Metompkin Bay in Accomac, Virginia I stumbled across this driveway lined with tall pine trees. I just loved the way the sun, low in the horizon, lit up and highlighted the texture of the bark.

  • Bear

    Beautiful morning at Annapolis City Dock.

  • Dessert Fog 3

    I had never heard of Anza, California before but now I'll never forget the sunrise I spent there with the sun burrning the fog off the dessert.

  • Dessert Fog 2

    I love fog and I love fences. When I find them together, I'm in heaven. I don't know how often you find fog in the dessert but this was a magicial morning for me.

  • Dessert Fog

    We left San Diego before dawn with a 3200 mile drive ahead of us. But less than 100 miles into the trip, the sun was burning off a fog that had blanketed the dessert. It was irresistible... mountains in the back ground, dew dripping off of a barb wire fence. It was nearly 150 photos later before I drug myself back in the van to restart the trip.

  • A Barn With Windows

    I had noticed this barn several times during my drives back and forth to Geneva. I was always intrigued by all the windows and can imagine all the natural light inside.

  • Springtime at the Charlotte Lighthouse

    The Charlotte Lighthouse on the Genesee River

  • Fog Along the Susquehanna

    I make the drive down Rt 15 through Pennsylvania to my hometown Baltimore several times a year. Much of the drive is along the Susquehanna River, which I consider to be one of the most beautiful rivers of the eastern United States.

  • Yellow

    A macro of a sunflower

  • Sunflower!

    Just blooming sunflower

  • Bad Hair

    A sunflower having a bad hair day.

  • Be Happy

    A Barn with a message. :)

  • Winter Horse Barn

    It was a cold, late afternoon in Hopewell, NY when this curious horse came out to greet me.

  • Clover Street Mendon

    I love the rolling country side along Clover Street between Pittsford and Mendon. This farm borders Mendon Ponds Park and is beautiful all seasons of the year, but especially in autumn.

  • Autumn Strikes at Mendon Ponds Park

    We are blessed with many beautiful parks but not much beats Mendon Ponds Park in autumn. Autumn 2016 was an exceptional season.

  • Cat tails at Mendon Ponds

    Autumn at Mendon Ponds Park.

  • Warner Castle Autumn Time

    It's the end of gardening season at the Rochester Civic Garden Center, located in Warner Castle on Mt. Hope Avenue.